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  • What

    Demos Global is a Crowdsourcing project made by Bússola Eleitoral aiming to map Cases of Innovation in Government and Civic Participation around the Globe. Through an online platform all Public Servants will have multi language access to a variety of experiences from simple and non technological experiences until cases highly reliable on Information and Communication Technology. The selected cases of innovation will have a space to make their expertise known globally. Each of the selected initiatives will be able to tell their story and introduce viewers to their challenges. The Focus of this program are Innovation initiatives on Government Efficiency, Democratic Governance, Transparency and improvement of Participation on the following areas:

    • Innovation in Government - Executive, Judiciary, and Legislative

    • Elections and Political Parties;

    • Civic Engagement.

  • Why

    Demos Global seeks to nurture the ecosystem of Innovation in Public Interest and connect the most active actors to boost the potential of impact. The common challenges faced by the Governments and Civil Society can be better addressed by the sharing of experiences, since the solution might be already implemented somewhere else. From the simplest project on a small village to a major project at a megalopolis, all of them have their importance on Government and Civic Innovation. Demos Global helps First Movers Public Servants to share their projects that are already working. A dream not shared is a dead dream.

  • Who

    Demos Global believes Public Servants, Elected Officials and Activists are the main drive to address the challenges societies seek to solve, thus the Crowdsourcing of projects is focused on these groups, so they might share all their expertise. Once selected, all the public will be able to freely access the content.

  • Where

    Demos Global crowdsources and actively seeks cases of Innovation in Government and Civic Participation all over the Globe so public servants and activists may share their common challenges and solutions across borders.

  • How

    Demos Global is an open channel to receive Innovative Projects impacting meaningfully your community. Our staff is actively looking for successful cases around the World as well. Share this channel to your communities and see your challenges and solutions known Worldwide.

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