• Privacy Policy

    Bússola Eleitoral, registered with the social number under No. 31,384,504 / 0001-86 with headquarters in the State of São Paulo, in the City of São Paulo, at Domingos de Morais Street, 770, Block 3, Set 32, Vila Mariana, Zip Code: 04010-100, is a legal entity governed by private law responsible for Bússola Eleitoral platform ("Bússola Eleitoral").



    By using the Platform or the services offered, Users accept and abide by the conditions of this Privacy Policy, as well as any documents attached.


    1.1. This Bússola Eleitoral Privacy Policy (POLICY) is intended to help you, the USER, understand what information we collect, why we collect it, and how you can manage and delete that information. All our services follow this POLICY.


    1.2. Therefore, by accessing and / or using any services of Bússola Eleitoral, as well as the products and services offered therein, the USER accepts the rules regarding access, collection, use, storage, transfer, enrichment and disposal of their personal data collected.


    2.1. Data will be collected upon access to the Platforms or when entered or voluntarily submitted by the USER when using any services of Bússola Eleitoral, which includes, but is not limited to:

    a) Name / Company Name;

    b) Social Number;

    c) ID Number;

    d) Email address;

    e) Age;

    f) gender;

    g) Telephone for contact;

    h) Navigation information;

    i) Information about the browser and operating system of the device;

    j) IP address;

    k) Web pages / app sessions visited; and

    l) Clicked links and buttons;

    m) submission of projects or articles.


    2.2. The USER may, by express consent, voluntarily grant other information about personal data other than those indicated above.


    2.3. Bússola Eleitoral is not responsible for the accuracy or otherwise of the information provided by the USER, as well as for its outdatedness, since it is their responsibility to provide it accurately or to update it. The Platform provides Users with a mechanism to rectify and update their data - simply send your request to contato@bussolaeleitoral.org


    2.4. We may record activities performed by the USER on our Platforms by creating, where possible and applicable, logs that will contain:

    a) User's IP Address;

    b) Access and actions performed by the USER on the Platform;

    c) Pages and screens accessed by the USER in the Platform;

    d) Dates and times of each USER action on the Platform, as well as access to the pages and screens of the tools and functionalities that they use;

    e) Information about the device used by the USER, such as:version operating system, device location, browser, among other installed applications and software;

    f) Session and USER ID, when available;

    g) We may use other technologies to collect browsing data our Users', which includes, but is not limited to, cookies, web beacons and JavaScript features. However, such technologies will always respect the terms of this Privacy Policy and our User's choices regarding the processing of data.


    3.1. The data collected from our USERS may be used for the following purposes:

    a) Identify them properly on the Platforms;

    b) Manage, provide the services and fulfil the obligations arising from the use of our services and products;

    c) Responding appropriately to requests and doubts;

    d) Keep updated their records for contact purposes by telephone, instant communication applications, e-mail, SMS, direct mail or other means of communication;

    e) Improve the use and browsing experience of our Platform;

    f) Perform statistics, studies, research and surveys relevant to the activities of their behaviour when using the Platform;

    g) Promote our services and products, inform about news, features, content, news and other relevant events to maintain the relationship with our USERS;

    h) Following the obligations related to the use of our Platform;

    i) To promote studies, through articles and research on USER performance, as well as their satisfaction with the services provided;

    j) Collaborate and / or comply with court order or request by authority administrative;

    k) Share the data collected with our partners to maintain and improve our Platform, products and services;

    l) Collect and analyse anonymous data from third party software including, without limitation, Google Analytics, for parameterisation and metric creation;

    m) The use of data may eventually cover purposes other than those provided above provided that it is duly authorised by the express consent of the USER.


    3.2. The collection and administration of USER data by the application will be done ensuring, when possible, the right to anonymity in accordance with local data protection legislation.


    3.3. In no event will Bússola Eleitoral elect share personal data in a manner that allows identification for third parties for commercial purposes.


    3.4. Unidentifiable navigational information may be subject to public disclosure, in an unidentifiable manner, for the purpose of research grants, public transparency, journalism and public disclosure.

    4. USER DATA

    4.1. The personal information of USERS of public interest collected by the application comes from public domain platforms.


    4.2. Personal data of USERS of public interest, made public by the USER on the Platform, or other public domain platform, may be displayed universally.


    5.1. The collected data will be stored in a safe and controlled environment for a minimum period of 6 (six) months, in accordance with the Brazilian Civil Framework.


    5.2. Data obtained from the USER may be stored on our servers own or third party for this purpose, located in Brazil and / or in another country, and may also be stored by means of cloud computing technology and / or other that arise in the future, aiming at always improving and perfecting our activities.


    5.3. The USER may request the display, rectification or ratification of their data Personal through the attendance tools provided by the Platform.


    5.4. The USER may request the deletion of his personal data collected and registered by the Platform, through the email contato@bussolaeleitoral.org


    5.5. Bússola Eleitoral clarifies that in some situations it will not be possible to perform the complete deletion of data, such as in the case of electronic contracting of services, compliance with legal and / or judicial obligations, audit and preservation of rights.


    5.6. All emails sent by Bússola Eleitoral are sent to the address contato@bussolaeleitoral.org and their links go directly to the site of Bússola Eleitoral.


    5.7. Relationship emails will only be sent to the USER who choose to receive them. And if, at any time and at any time, the USER wishes to cancel the receipt of these correspondences, his request will be promptly fulfilled. Except in cases involving legal and / or contractual obligation of Bússola Eleitoral before the USER.


    6.1. This Privacy Policy may be changed at any time, according to the purpose or necessity, such as to the adequacy and legal compliance of a law or rule that has equivalent legal force, and it is recommended to the USER to be aware of any modifications.




    6.2. In the event of updates to this document, Bússola Eleitoral will notify the USER at least 20 (twenty) days prior to the modification, and abe published a new version of the Platform with the date of the last update and we will notify you via the email entered in your account on the Platform. By continuing to use the Site or Services after the date the change becomes effective, you signify your acceptance of the new version in its entirety.

    7. THE FORUM

    7.1. Bússola Eleitoral values ​​the out-of-court dispute settlement. If you wish to resolve the dispute in a conciliatory manner, please contact contato@bussolaeleitoral.org


    7.2. If the USER opts for legal proceedings, the District of São Paulo is elected to resolve any disputes arising from this Privacy Policy.