• Terms of Service

    Bússola Eleitoral, registered with Social Number under No. 31.384.504 / 0001-86, headquartered in the State of São Paulo, in the City of São Paulo, at Domingos de Morais Street, 770, Block 3, Conjunto 32, Vila Mariana, Zip Code: 04010-100, is a legal entity governed by private law responsible for the Bússola Eleitoral platform ("Bússola Eleitoral").



    By using the services offered by the Bússola Eleitoral, USERS accept and submit to the conditions of this Policy, as well as any documents attached.


    1.1 These Terms of Service govern the use of the application services and the data derived from it; from our website, and any other Bússola Eleitoral applications. If you choose not to accept the terms, use of the service will be impossible.


    1.2 In the event of acceptance of these terms, the individual agrees that he / she will be treated as a USER from the date of acceptance, definitively, until further notice from the USER.

    2. USER

    2.1 The Application classifies your USERS between CANDIDATE / MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT and CITIZENS.


    2.2 The CANDIDATE / MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT is the USER who claims elective public office, or holds elective public office in its country.


    2.3 The CITIZEN is the USER who is a citizen of its country and is not running for elective public office.


    2.4 In order to use the Bússola Eleitoral (SERVICE) services, USERS must first agree to this Terms of Service (TERMS).


    2.5 APPLICATION refers to the electoral period in force in the country concerned.


    2.6 The TERM refers to the period of elective term of office of the MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT.

    3. SERVICE

    3.1 Bússola Eleitoral provides services for the field of Political Innovation and citizenship improvement.


    3.2 The platform organizes and provides publicly sourced and proprietary data for connecting CITIZENS AND CANDIDATES USERS.


    3.3 The platform uses visual tools aimed at facilitating the search between CITIZENS AND CANDIDATES / MANDATES.


    3.4 The platform conducts studies at the academy and can provide them to USERS.


    3.5 The platform may conduct public consultations with its USERS and disseminate the results to the public, preserving all identifiable information.


    3.6 The information may be of public data,USER navigation, free provision by USERS and public consultations, among others.


    3.7 Bússola Eleitoral shall not be responsible for the accuracy of the information provided by the USER, the obligation being entirely pertinent to the USER.


    3.8 Bússola Eleitoral shall not be responsible for the accuracy of the information provided by the Government, and the obligation is entirely pertinent to the Government.

    4. USE OF DATA

    4.1 By accepting this Terms of Service, the USER hereby agrees to accept the privacy policies of the Bússola Eleitoral.


    4.2 The USER must accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy in order to use the services.


    4.3 The USER is responsible for all information that you put in the application, and the Application is not responsible for any damages, see in the electoral, civil or criminal


    4.4 Acceptance of these terms includes authorising the platform to use data collected and provided by USERS to improve the services provided and as a subsidy for research and public transparency, ensuring the privacy of personal data and identifiable data.


    4.5 The Platform may, while maintaining the anonymity of the USER, when applicable, make use of the information collected for the purpose of various internal and external partner analysis, without the need for further authorisation from the USER.


    4.6 Content will be removed in accordance with local law or by court order.


    5.1 The USER must follow the registration instructions for access to the different applications.


    5.2 The Application will not be held responsible for the appropriate hardware for the use of the application.


    5.3 The Application under no circumstances guarantees the perfect stability regarding its accuracy, functionality and availability in relation to the service provided or the collected data.


    5.4 The Application shall not be liable under any circumstances for the misuse of the service, and any damage that may cause it.


    5.5 Bússola Eleitoral may include content from partners intended to enhance the USER experience when using the Application services.


    5.6 The USER is granted a license to reproduce the content for the purposes of public transparency, sharing of ideas and Educational. The USER is not authorised, without the express consent of the Bússola Eleitoral, to share the content of the application with third parties for profit. Sharing content that propagates hateful and discriminatory speech is prohibited in any Bússola Eleitoral services.


    5.7 When sharing the content of the Application, the USER shall not change. Manipulation of the content of the Application and its disclosure allows the Application to terminate the USER account and to prosecute in accordance with local law.


    5.8 Data on the platform is provided by a public domain source, the USER himself, or other sources.


    6.1 Acceptance of these terms includes the knowledge that the Application may change the terms of service at any time with written notice. In this case we will make the terms available at en.bussolaeleitoral.org/terms-of-service


    6.2 Changes to the Terms of Service or Privacy Policy will be sent to the email address registered in the application by the USER. Upon notification, continued use of the services will be deemed acceptance of the new terms.


    6.3 Changes will not be applied retroactively.


    6.4 In the event of a conflict between these terms and the additional terms, the additional terms shall prevail with respect to such conflict.


    6.5 The Application will not be required to monitor the use of the Service or edit its content, but may do so, at its sole discretion, to ensure this term of service.


    6.6 Bússola Eleitoral reserves the right to forward electronic messages and notifications to the USER.


    6.7 USER may not interfere with our Services in order to access them by a method other than the interface and instructions provided by the Application. Use of the services is permitted only by law. The Application may suspend service if the USER breaches this term.


    6.8 Should the USER violate any of the terms listed in this term of service, the Application may unilaterally terminate the binding created by this Agreement without any remedies being required.


    6.9 Use of our Services does not confer intellectual property on this or the content.


    6.10 USER is not entitled to trademarks or logo used on our platform.


    6.11 If the USER wishes to delete his / her data from the platform, he / she must send notification to contato@bussolaeleitoral.org.

    7. THE FORUM

    The District Court of São Paulo is elected to resolve any disputes arising from this term of service. If the USER wishes to resolve the dispute in a conciliatory manner, please contact contato@bussolaeleitoral.org.


    If you do not accept these terms, do not create an Bússola Eleitoral account.